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Twilight Zone poster art by Bill Wood.

It's been just over three years since I designed my first Twilight Zone poster as a personal reflection on one of my favorite episodes, "Nick Of Time." In an almost Serling-esque twist, a lot has changed since the "time" that first poster design was completed; a worldwide pandemic hit, and during lockdown I illustrated more posters for more of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes, which eventually led to opening an Etsy store to market those creations. This is something I'd never have imagined doing just a few years prior, but it's funny how life works sometimes.


We've all had our share of ups and downs over the past couple of years, but as Mr. Serling has taught us on numerous occasions, every dark cloud may conceal a silver lining. To say that Bill Wood Prints has been a success beyond expectation would be an understatement. Just getting up and running seemed like a monumental task, and there was a time early on when I seriously wondered whether I'd ever sell a single print. Well, I'm pleased to say that I've sold more than I could have estimated, and if you're reading this, odds are I have you to thank!


The Twilight Zone episodic posters have always been a huge part of the store's presence, which speaks to the lasting popularity of the show. And while I'm proud of the original 2018 concept that has now branched out into dozens of unique prints, over time I've noticed things that I really want to improve upon; tonal balance, texture, shading, line art, typography. The originals still look great, but I want them to look even better. Such is the plight of an artist!


This brings us to the present, and the Twilight Zone 2022 poster remaster project. Starting in late December, I'll be updating Bill Wood Prints with remastered TZ poster designs which reflect all of the changes I've wanted to make over the years. What specifically does this mean for the posters? Read below:


   • Larger poster size - increased to 13" x 19"

   • Reworked textures, shading and tonal balance

   • On-brand font for episode titles

   • Updated Rod Serling illustration (he's smoking!)

   • Miscellaneous tweaks and improvements


Here is a preview of what to expect from the Twilight Zone 2002 poster remaster project:

Twilight Zone poster art by Bill Wood.
Twilight Zone poster art by Bill Wood.

2018 (11" x 17")

2022 (13" x 19")

If you've already purchased prints in the Twilight Zone poster series, you have options. First, all current and future TZ posters will be available in the 2018 format, so if you prefer the original style and want to expand your collection as-is, you can do that. If you're interested in updating your existing TZ poster collection to the 2022 remasters, drop me a line along with your Etsy order number(s) and you will receive a special discount to get your collection updated and complete. Finally, I am running an offer on Etsy that will net you five posters for less than the price of four. Note that these remastered posters are larger (13"x 19") than the previous format (11"x 17"), so you'll definitely want to take this into consideration if your existing posters are framed.


I hope you're looking forward to checking out the TZ poster remasters as much as I'm looking forward to sharing them with you. New posters in the series are coming in 2022, so stay tuned! Sincerest thanks for helping to make this site and Bill Wood Prints what they have become. I am humbled by everything that's transpired since this venture began, none of it could have been possible without your support.


Cheers, and here's to 2022! - BW

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Twilight Zone poster art by Bill Wood.
Twilight Zone poster art by Bill Wood.
The Cramps poster art by Bill Wood.