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I have created an option file for Pro Evolution Soccer 2021, highlighting the USL Championship 2021 season. This will be similar to my 2019 USL Championship option file, only smaller in focus. Due to team restrictions in PES' custom leagues as well as my own personal schedule, only 20 of the 31 USL Championship teams will be represented. The good news is that these 20 teams have received incredible attention to detail; players, formations, tactics, managers and stadiums, even third and historic kits! I'm aiming to make this the best USL 2021 option file you will ever see (it's also likely to be the only USL 2021 option file you will ever see, still...).


The Google Drive link to the OPTION FILE is HERE. The first match video for an alpha build of the option file can be found here. The team and kit preview video is here.


Let's get a few commonly asked questions out of the way:


When is it coming out?

Update 6/26: The option file has been completed a week ahead of time! See above for the download link. If you notice any issues, I kindly ask that you report them to me via e-mail instead of responding to my YouTube videos as I don't check those often.


How do I install this into my game?

Please refer to PES fansites and forums for option file installation instructions. If you're seeing the teams but not the players, make sure "Live Update" is turned OFF.


What are the option file details?

20 teams total, installs over the PLA league. This is going to be a massive install, all kits are 2048x2048 and are there numerous third and fourth kits. If you want the USL option file in its entirety, I would definitely recommend making sure you have plenty of space available for the install. If you need to conserve space, you can manually delete whatever kits you aren't planning on using, or resize them to 1024x1024 if you're able.


Which teams are included?

Phoenix Rising FC, San Diego Loyal, Orange County SC, Oakland Roots, Sacramento Republic, El Paso Locomotive, FC Tulsa, New Mexico United, Rio Grande Valley Toros, San Antonio FC, Memphis 901, Las Vegas Lights, Charlotte Independence, Charleston Battery, Indy Eleven, OKC Energy, Louisville City, Hartford Athletic, Pittsburgh Riverhounds, Tampa Bay Rowdies.


Why did you choose these teams?

I'm on the West Coast and attend quite a few USL matches, therefore the left coast slant. Having said that, I have aimed to represent a wide variety of the USL map. I also intentionally avoided teams whose brand identities are MLS-related (LA Galaxy II, Atlanta United 2, etc.). Finally, some teams were chosen mainly because I could recycle their logo and sponsorship assets from the 2019 option file, which saves a ton of time and helps to ensure that I can get this project completed sooner rather than later.


How accurate is this option file?

As accurate as humanly possible. In most cases, team and player data have been recreated down to the minutest detail. However, USL team presence on the web is somewhat erratic and details were extremely difficult to come by for a few select teams. In those cases I simply did the best I could.


Can you replace (one of the above teams) with (my favorite USL team)?

Sorry, no.


Is this free?



Be sure to check this page for updates and the latest info, and feel free to browse my site for neat soccer art. Peace!


BW - 6/26/21

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