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AKI-Mania: Revisiting Classic Rasslin' Games

Revisiting the classic AKI N64 wrestling titles of the late '90s... but with a twist.


The Lame Team: Megaforce Review

Okay, so Megaforce isn't the worst '80s action movie ever made... Actually I lied, it totally is.


Shawscope Volume 3: The Preview

It's finally been announced... but what's in it? Let's take a look!


Highway Star: Revisiting a Vintage PlayStation Racer

Jaleco's Tokyo Highway Battle has been a revered PS1 classic for nearly 30 years. But is it too classic? Let's find out!


Beat of the Rising Sun: The World of Initial D Gaming

The drift racing universe of Initial D has captivated the millions of fans for over thirty years... so what took me so long?!? Better late than never, unless you're downhill on Mount Akina that is.


Tartarus Ascend: Persona 3 Reload Tips

P3R is here and it's awesome. If you're new and just getting started, I have a few tips to throw your way.


In the Year 20XX: A Cyberpunk Retrospective

The game Cyberpunk 2077 introduced millions to this classic sci-fi genre. Here we take a look at the most important touchstones.


Exile on First Avenue: Dead Man's Pop

Another Replacements retrospective?!? I think I'd rather smother!


The Clone Warrior: A Review of 1983's Metalstorm

Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn is not Gone With The Wind. It's not even any of the films it sets out to copy. But is there still fun to be found in a long-lost sci-fi disaster from the '80s? Let's find out!


Left of the Charts: Revisiting Tim

By far my favorite band of the '80s, the Replacements classic LP Tim has been remixed and remastered for a new generation of music fans. Here we revisit the band and the LP circa 1985.


Onibaba-Kuroneko Retrospective

Decades before supernatural thrillers such as Ringu and Ju-on (The Grudge) wowed American viewers, Japanese director Kaneto Shindo set the stage with two all-time J-horror classics. How do they stand up?


Mystery of the Fading Guillotine

Master of the Flying Guillotine is considered by many to be the absolute pinnacle of 1970s kung fu grindhouse cinema. So why has the movie been MIA for the past two decades? I attempt to find out.


Sherlock Pt. 2 - The Case of the Digital Detective

The Frogwares series of Sherlock Holmes detective games does an admirable job of putting you in the shoes of the legendary detective. Here's my shortlist of Sherlockian gaming recommendations.


Sherlock Pt. 1 - A Study In Sherlock

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary detective arrived on the scene 136 years ago, and he remains compelling and relevant to this very day. If you were ever curious, here's my list of recommendations.


Travelblog: Lost In London

What’s the dumbest thing an American can do when visiting England? I’m not exactly sure, but assuming you can purchase tickets to a topflight football match is definitely one of them. Read on to learn why why lower league football is the place to be!



It was a bitter feud between two of the UK’s most popular bands, Blur and Oasis. Journalists labeled it “The Battle of Britpop,” and it produced some of the decade’s best music. But which band produced the better LP? It turns out I have an opinion!



Thanks to the runaway success of Street Fighter II, the early '90s saw a flood of awesome fighting games. Unfortunately I was awesome at none of them.


15 Delicious Spaghetti Westerns

Leone's classic A Fistful Of Dollars hit the screens in 1964, over 700 Italian Westerns were produced in the decade that followed. I aim to separate the wheat from the chaff, if that's a thing.


Persona 4

It's weird. It's quirky. It's cringe-worthy in countless ways. And yet, Atlus' Persona 4 may endure as the greatest J-RPG ever created.


NHL 23

A rose-tinted look back at the pugilistic glory of the National Hockey League in the early '90s, and how a modern video game can perfectly capture that bygone era.


Shawscope Vol. 2

Earlier I proclaimed Arrow Video's Shawscope Vol. 1 to be my favorite Blu-ray box set of all time. How does this kung-fu-fightin' sequel measure up?


We Happy Few

Imagine a video game that takes you on a psychedelic trip through a nightmarish version of '60s Swinging London. Melancholy and ultimately unfulfilling, We Happy Few nonetheless deserves merit for going boldly where no video game has gone before.


Some Girls

In the late '70s, the Rolling Stones had their backs against the wall. Punks hated them and their legal woes were mounting. But like all great musical acts, the band came back swinging with one of their very best LPs.



In 1999, Sega produced the most expensively lavish video game ever made. The problem is they produced it for a failing console. Despite the game's many shortcomings, the quirky charm and lasting influence of Shenmue is undeniable.


Train Sim World 3

Train simulators. You either love them or... well, I'm not sure exactly. Here's another one for the review pile!


Fire Pro Wrestling

The Monday Night Wars between WWF and WCW created a new type of wrestling fan; the well-informed intellectual (a.k.a "smart mark"). Those who played wrestling games typically shunned American offerings in favor of this much-beloved Japanese indie classic.


Godzilla: The Showa Era Collection

Or Gojira, whichever you prefer. Either way, Criterion's stunning box set is a total celebration of all things kaiju eiga. Here I've ranked all 15 movies included in this set, from worst to first.


The Cramps

What can be said about The Cramps that hasn't been said a thousand times before? Probably nothing, but that won't stop me from trying.


20 Killer Kung Fu Flicks

More than 20, actually. Once I got started I couldn't help myself. Tons of obscure gems (many in the public domain) rated for your perusal,   with custom poster art to boot!


Shawscope Vol. 1

There two varieties of classic kung fu fan; those who live for Shaw Brothers Studios and those who don't. If you're the former, get ready to have your socks knocked off by Arrow Video's terrific box set.


Sleeping Dogs

An epic Hong Kong crime drama brought to digitized life, there may never be another video game quite like Sleeping Dogs. Sadly, this also includes a well-deserved remake/remaster.


15 Classic Samurai Movies

And when I say "classic," I mean it in every sense of the word. The Japanese film genre known as chanbara has spawned many of the most beloved movies worldwide. Here are just a few of the very best.


The Art Of Rasslin'

It wasn't long ago that pro wrestling was regarded as low-rent carny trash. That has changed for the most part with the evolution of the modern wrestler as performance artist, but it won't stop me from making a case anyway.



Now we're getting into some serious geeky stuff! If standard train sims aren't enough to quench your appetite (and for me they're not), there are several excellent alternatives in the Land of the Rising Sun.



Duran Duran's second LP did the impossible; it turned this former metalhead into a New Romantic. Well, aspiring New Romantic anyway.


428 Shibuya Scramble

Of the thousands of video games in my collection, this Japanese live-action detective sim may be one of the weirdest, and one of the most enjoyable.


Paul's Boutique

The Beastie Boys' sophomore LP seemed like an eternity in the making. When Paul's Boutique was finally released it left a lot of folks scratching their heads, except those of us who totally got it.



Junji Ito... wow. If you're looking to get started with the horror-manga genre, this is the perfect place to start.


Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night

Yes, it 's one of the greatest video games ever produced. That's certainly not a hot take, so instead I provide insight on what the gaming scene was like around the release date, and why Symphony was as special then as it is now.


Twilight Zone Poster Update

This blog is aimed specifically at collectors of my Twilight Zone poster series, with info about art updates and how to keep their collections going as-is.


Lancaster JetHawks: Gone With The Wind

The Lancaster JetHawks were the last Minor League baseball team in Los Angeles County. Despite solid attendance numbers and strong ties to the region, they were unceremoniously booted from existence. Why? The answer may surprise you.



Throughout their all-too-brief career, The Clash had a history of challenging everything in sight; their fans, their record label, and ultimately themselves. Find out why Sandinista! was their biggest challenge ever, as well as their strongest statement.


25 Classic Film Noirs

The film noir genre requires no introduction or explanation. I've certainly watched my share, here are some personal faves.


Train Sim World 2

Yep, this one's about train games too.


25 Alternative Rock Gems

One of my favorite blogs, chronicling the albums I loved as an indie/alt rock superfan in the '90s. In fact, I get all misty-eyed just thinking about it (not really, that's just alt-rock sarcasm creeping in).


Big In Japan

Otaku culture is so common these days that it's practically synonymous with popular culture. We used to have in the '70s as well, we just didn't have a fancy-pants name for it.


Extreme Championship Wrestling: A Requiem

With its penchant for ultraviolence and its diehard fanbase, ECW changed the face of professional wrestling forever. Read on to find out why there will never be another wrestling promotion quite like it.


Bob Wilkins

His name may be unknown to most, but Bob Wilkins was the best late-night TV horror movie show host that ever lived, in one impressionable young man's mind. Thanks for the nightmares Bob!


The Vine That Ate The South: Review

J.D. Wilkes does a lot of things, and he does them well. Read on to discover why his novel The Vine That Ate The South may very well be the best Southern gothic read of our generation.



It's a century old, and still First In Show.


Creeped Out With The Creepy Creeps

A low-key evening of surf rock in sunny Ventura. What could possibly lead us astray? Well, let's start with the ape masks...


Dark Souls

A repost of a very old review of mine. I once considered Dark Souls the best video game ever made, back when I kept lists of such things.


Major League Soccer In On The Rise

A bit pointless in retrospect, but what can I say? I love some MLS.


The Saga Of Mad Marc Rude

A rare personal blog, paying homage to the legendary punk artist who showed me the ropes way back when.


Drive-In Theaters

Let's all go the lobby! Wait, just how old are those hot dogs?!?!


Farming Simulator 17 Review

If there's anything more challenging than taking on the role of a professional farmer, it's pretending to be one on the comfort of your own couch.


Hoyt Axton Explodes!

Cuddly folk troubadour makes angst-y garage rock record. Blogger's mind is blown.

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