Bill Wood

Purveyor of Peculiar Posteries

and Perspicacious Printworks

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Welcome to the official website of Bill Wood; braggart, layabout, and occasionally, artist. Bill has spent much of his adult life doing what passes for work in Dallas (too hot), Seattle (too cold), and Los Angeles (just right). He has been involved on the creative end of countless movie posters, red carpet invites, special edition packaging and children's board games, but he draws the line at hair metal album covers. Bill is only too willing to drop names of the bigwigs he's worked with, including Disney, Warner Bros., Sony PlayStation, Square Enix, Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast, and Monty's Plumbing & Rooter (sink is working again, thanks).


When he's not busy acting up at soccer matches, obsessing over kung fu movies, or touting his opinion on a blog that no one reads, Bill likes to draw pretty pictures. Please enjoy your visit.

Hank Williams III poster art by Bill Wood. Soundgarden poster art by Bill Wood.
Artist Bill Wood's Etsy shop.